The Ho Bo Woods

Ho Bo Woods is the story of one man and the promises and choices he makes. The outcome of those promises and choices will surprise you!

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About Ho Bo Woods

Promises, choices and decisions constitute the very core of our human experience. However, have you ever honored a promise so horrid it’s memory buried itself into some deep, dark and impenetrable cavern in your mind? A promise unremembered, but hauntingly ever present? Kelly O’Brian did. This is his story from the beginning to the very end. And both will surprise you.

Coleman Mitchell enjoyed a business career which offered an opportunity to work in more than 30 countries around the globe. Because of this good fortune he has either worked or has resided in all of the locations and countries used as backdrop for the Ho Bo Woods
It was a fearsome place. It forced visions of a grisly purgatory where a man’s hope of a future was suspended, if not forfeited. Thousands of soldiers from a legion of proud American army divisions had died gruesome, lonely deaths here.
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This is a story of a time in our lives that many of us don't want to remember. Coleman Mitchell captures what it was like in VN. His story tells it like it is and am sure many of those out there remember Viet Nam like this. It is not sanitized. Except for a few errors by the editor, this book is a powerful first effort by the author. I hope he writes more. Loved it.

Glenda Z.